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A longtime friend was having a get together at her home and I found myself sitting next to quite a unique young lady.  I knew her parents... but, this was my first time actually meeting their daughter.  I found myself fascinated with simply observing her as she sat quietly drawing a number of different images; then, all the sudden, she would randomly call out for no apparent reason and would return to her drawings.  I knew she was autistic and was surprised at how drawn I was to her.  This young lady was beautiful, very talented and clearly very smart; however, due to having autism she was unable to express herself in the way I knew her heart wanted to. I am clairvoyant and can see energy.  I knew right away that I could help this young lady.  When we first met, I was learning how to harness and control my gifts; therefore, I remained silent.  However, after several years of training at The Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness, and accomplishing those goals, I became an instructor and began working toward my teaching certification.  Within a couple of months shy of that accomplishment, I found myself overwhelmed with "knowing" I needed to break from my studies.  I was not happy with that decision at all... as I loved what I was doing.  After resisting the “knowing,” I needed to clear some of my responsibilities for what now had evolved into quite a number of months: I had no choice but to step away.  I soon began to understand there was a much larger picture unfolding and realized the reason behind the “Why.”  The reason was the young lady I met years earlier with autism... it was her.  I believed I could help her when we first met although the timing was not right. The question then was, “How was I… going to reach her?”  I knew I could use my gifts along with learned and realized knowledge to teach her a few fundamentals.  These fundamentals could enable her to a better quality of life.  Okay… but, "How was I going to do that…?"  Amazingly enough, the idea to write the book came with little or no effort.  I wanted to create it in such a way that her family could understand and realize my objectives.  It is my hope that they too can understand and realize "Energy" in new ways.  I said many prayers along the way asking for simple words and much guidance. Upon completion, I realized the "Tool" created could actually help many people with and/or without any type of belief system or disorders.  Once establishing the base foundation with the simple fundamentals with the first book, "Know you are... "So Unique," I was then able to create the second book... “Being Unique.”  The purpose of this book is to heighten awareness to the “Autism Spectrum Disorders,” looking at from an energetic level.